What if i say everytime im talking to u, everytime im thinking at u, im looking at u my heart is beating so fast, so hard like she wanna fly out of her place? Is that wrong?

What if all i want is to spend every second, every minute, every hour with u, if i just cant stay away from ya, even if this means just thinking at u?

What if i consider ur the only man who can make me happy for real, the one i wanna have and keep?

What if im going the same old way, painful and hopeless just for ya?

What about me blushing and being suddenly nervous and acting weird, my hands shaking just cuz i heard ur voice calling me „honey”?

What if all this sounds so weird and crazy, an impossible never-ending challenge but i still believe in u? In us?

…is all that means i love u?

i do…